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how to start with mokume gane

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hello new to this section,

so i live in canada and cannot use coins as it is 100% illegal I am unsure about US quarters as they are used just as often as currency (look just like a canadian quarter with a fast glance same with british and ive even found AUD in my wallet) i can get brass and copper sheets would this be a good idea or should i look for another source




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The Currency Act's prohibition of melting down, breaking up, etc applies to "any coin that is current and legal tender in Canada." In other words, if it's a Canadian coin, leave it alone. If it's a coin from any other country (including from the US), go for it. Just because it's in common use does NOT make it legal tender.

That said, teenylittlemetalguy had a post a few years back about how much better it is to use plain sheet metal instead of coins: 


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