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Prayers for my wife and her mother Sara...

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I had to take Debi to the airport Sunday. Her mother Sara is 92 years old and has lived by herself in the Miami Florida metro area since 1956. She has lived a good life, until this last year. Her health has deteriorated rapidly, to the point her doctor recommended hospice care. He doesn't see her improving any. We are praying her transition will be peaceful and pain free.

Thanks Randy

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First let me thank everyone for their prayers. I'm a firm believer they work.

Now an update on Sara. Debi decided to bring her up here and put her in hospice close to she & her sister. After the plane ride from Miami, Sara wasn't doing well and we had to call EMS, who felt she may be having  a stroke. They had her airlifted to Mercy Hospital in Springfield Missouri which is a level 1 trauma center. Springfield is a two hour drive from our place.

The doctors at Mercy are first class and after evaluating her, told Debi she doesn't need hospice care. Her major problem was the doctors in Miami had her on the wrong medications and at too high of a dosage. They changed the medications and after a week with the new medication, she has shown a huge improvement in her health. The recommendation was she should be in an assisted living facility that is certified in memory care.

We had already researched them and found one that was highly recommended by friends. We met with the admin, staff and some of the residents and it's a first class facility. So later this week Sara should be released from the hospital and will be in her own room there, less than ten minutes from our place.  Praise be.

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My wife, Madelynn, had similar experiences with FL doctors with both her grandmother and her late husband.  Too much medication and questionable diagnoses/prognoses.

Glad to see that this has turned out better than expected.  The prayers are still there, though.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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I missed the original post but I'm glad it worked out. My Mom had a similar situation. It was a great relief when we found out there was something that could be done. I'm sure you and your family are greatly relieved. I'm in a much better mood all of a sudden. I love hearing good news even if it's not mine. 


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