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Looking for advice on a couple of things...

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Hello all. So, I have a new power hammer that needs a few things made. It's a 150# Bradley Upright Strap Hammer, and the only things missing are the tensioner wheel, dovetail keys, and the strap itself. I'm pretty sure I have the tensioner wheel covered, so really just the keys and strap.

My questions are: what's the best alternative to leather for the strap, and could I get away with just buying keys/having them made from LG instead of making them? I could make the keys, but I've never done it before (been lucky like that), and it seems like something that needs to be done proper the first time. And it's not that I have anything against leather, I'm just curious.

Thanks very much!

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Bob, you can use the same canvas/rubber belting for the strap that is used for the drive belt. You nee two keys for each die. The are positioned on each side of the die in opposite directions. Taper is 1/8 inch per foot. The dovetail  angle on my Bradleys is 5 degrees. Since this is a 2 wedge system you do not have a compound angle. Send me a pm if you have more questions. Id be happy to discuss details on the phone.


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Here is a bradley die arrangement. Little Giant is a different dovetail. My top die dovetail is about a half inch wider than the factory. The ends sticking out are the skinny end, the flush are the fat end. Both keys have equal tapers. The dies are cut parallel. You will have to fit them, regardless of the source.  The top/ bottom edges need proper contact as well as the taper faces. There is a possibility that you could find factory keys from Cortland Machine. I think Cortland sold the bradley parts and drawings a while back and don't have a number off hand. When they were making hammer parts they were not particularly helpfull.


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