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Blade Straightening

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Where is it warped and what kind of warpage are you talking about..?

I straighten a lot of blades with not problem at all..All depends upon what type and direction of warpage you are talking about..

Any chances of a photo showing the area(s) involved??


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That material may have some of the original spring shap0e left in it, if that is how it wants to bend when you quench it. Get it hot and straighten it, normalize two or three times and then try and harden it. Make real sure you push the blade into the oil straight and not move it side to side as it drops temp. After you harden it if there is a wee bit of bend you have a few seconds after you temper to take the bend out. Since you said it was thin already you best option may be to mark it tuition and hang it on the wall and start fresh.......

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I can't seem to take a picture that captures the warp. I went ahead and straightened it out with the hammer, and of course I got carried away and cracked the blade. I may be able to salvage it yet, but it isn't the knife I had in mind.

Anyway, I learned a lot and was able to get the next knife in the pipeline up the same level as the warped one in no time. I left it thick before the quench and the warp was very slight.

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