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Are there any modifications I can make to my Ryobi Sander/Grinder to help with knifemaking?

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Just as the title suggests. I have a small 370W Ryobi bench sander and grinder, and I'm wondering if there are any modifications I can make to it to help with knife making?

Ryobi 370W Bench Grinder / Sander
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Something to help remove more stock, or to prolong belt life, increase torque, reduce heat from the motor, pretty much anything that will improve the machine. 

Thanks in advance


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In a word no. Trying to modify one tool to do the job of another tool never ends well. Believe me been there done that. I would suggest using it for handle work on knives and build/buy a 2X72 belt grinder for the metal work. That will be cheaper with less frustration in the long run.

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Fan, though grinder motors are best TEFC  Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled to prevent grit/dust getting into the windings.  You are right to be concerned about it running hot as cheap motors often have plastic parts that will degrade with heat and so have a very short lifespan.

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