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Mouse Hole- First real anvil

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So after several missed opportunities with Craigslist and Facebook ads for anything at a decent price, I bought this 161# Mouse Hole for 500 at an auction. I actually thought it was a Fisher at first but cleaned it up some at home. Based on what I've read it was made 1820-1830 right? Pritchel looks drilled, not punched. Amazed at how good a ~200 year old anvil looks. Will not be doing anything more than a wire wheel to clean it further. I had not researched these much before, so what are the advantages or disadvantages with them? What does the little triangle mark in the second to last picture mean? Thanks as always guys!








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Looks in good usable shape. Congrats on getting it. 

I cant tell if the hole is drilled or not from the photos,  likely post 1830's from what I see unless you can pinpoint the makers stamp or get better evidence that the hole was drilled. 

No matter, looks like a good usable anvil. What's the rebound?

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Onion, I recommend you borrow or buy Richard Postman's book, Mousehole Forge.  It has very interesting information on the history of the anvils and the forge where they were made.

Yours is in great shape for an old workhorse.  Take care of it like your firstborn.

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