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Forced Air Forge Startup Procedure Recommendations


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A little background. I built my forge last spring following the the info I gathered here along with a lot of helpful input. However internal volume was to large for my single venture burner. So I went to a 1in forced air burner. I have a gate valve on the air supplied from a 2in blower. I also have a needle valve to control gas volume along with a gas shutoff valve. I have my air gate valve set and don’t usually touch it. My startup procedure is as follows.

1. Turn fan on

2. With gas shut off valve and needle valve closed, turn on the tank and adjust the regulator at 4 psi.

3. Light my handy dandy torch

4. Torch in forge, open shut off valve. Start opening needle valve until I see green hints in the flame. Then close the needle valve slightly until I get into a blue flame

The forge gets hot, bright yellow/white yellow. 

For a rookie does that look to be a sound startup procedure?

Always open to learning.

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Thanks Frosty. If you have a gate valve on your air and a needle valve on your gas it seems almost to simple to tune. Just wanted to get some more experienced eyes on it.

i have to say with a properly insulated forge it’s amazing how even the heat is in the entire forge. The whole thing glows bright yellow.

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Gun burners are easy to tune, the only drawback is you have to tune them for every temp change. I don't run gun burners but I'm no stranger. If you make it to the meeting you'll have to check out Pat's little gun burner, it's from a melter and is as sweet a forge burner as I've seen.

The reason your forge is so evenly heated is almost undoubtedly because of the flame velocity stirring around the interior. Incandescent yellow is a good temp. Have you done any welding in it?

Please don't use the @ name tag it messes with the forum OS and moderators or admin has to dig to delete it and undo the mess.  

Frosty The Lucky.

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The only forced air burner forge I used was pretty simple to adjust the temperature. It was done by the speed control of the fan and the needle valve for the gas. I liked it enough that I seriously considered building one. I still might;)


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