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wrought iron/A203E damascus?

Levi Prince

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I have some wrought coming in the mail and will soon be placing an order with admiral. I'm thinking of getting some of the a203e high nickel to try some decorative damascus. I've seen the a203e have visible grain similar to the more refined wrought, and while either metal will look great on its own, I'm wondering about pattern welding the two. I've seen etched wrought turn anywhere from light gray all the way to almost black, and I'm wondering if theres any way to control that to get a good contrast (like just etch time? etch medium?). I'm hoping for something with fairly good contrast (doesn't have to be crazy) and bold enough that you can see the grain in each of the separate metals still, I think it will look great. Also, is there anything bad to do with wrought as far as pattern manipulation? I'm hoping to do a twist pattern but I'm not sure if that would tear the WI. It's torn on me before when punching and drifting a hole in it so I'm curious.

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