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Been away from IFI for a bit (Pic Heavy)

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Over the last year and a half I've  managed to hone my skills both forging and finishing,  and I think (hope) it shows.

I'll post some of my projects here, and a couple links to videos and larger project galleries.

I finished my first sword



and made a home for it



I've made two stacked leather handles  so far.


I made my first axe

I did a successful differential quench and got a hamon line (the Sgian Dubh). This one was actually a couple years ago, but I included pictures of what it looked like before and now. (the Padauk has darkened up quite a bit)

I made a long skinny dagger with a bird's  head pommel.

I'm currently working on my first successful bit of cannister damascus (1084 and bandsaw blades)it will hopefully become a katana.

Finally bit the bullet and bought some decent quenchant (Mcmaster 11) and made a fancy tank for itBeen doing armoring and hilt work (new hobbies include fencing and heavy in the SCA)

I also completed my first comission. It was also my first spike knife.

And the last couple  pictures are of my first knife ever, rebar, with its  old and newer handle.

My forge has evolved (and moved) several times. Currently using a soft brick box in a welded frame




My scabbard work has also come a long way. Pro-tip, routers  are your friend.


It's  a lot of fun and the more I learn the more I need to learn. Thanks for checking it out!




































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I've been in the SCA for 42 years now; they are the ones that encouraged me to get into metalworking; been smithing 40 years.  Have you started taking a forge to events yet?  Out here the fire ban is so bad that sometimes a propane forge is the only one I can get permission for.  Other places I can run my Y1K set up.  Pit forge twin single action bellows, Y1K anvil, etc.

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Hey I've got my period  police badge it's got two branches of Laurel Leaves on it.  I mainly work towards encouraging people to DO things!  Then trying to do them a bit further along the authenticity spectrum every time.  Only time I get huffy is when folks misrepresent stuff. They can be as far from authentic as they want to be as long as they don't lie about it!

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I've been in the SCA about a year longer than Thomas and agree that misrepresenting authenticity can be a problem.  If someone is using/doing/wearing something out of period and knows it and doesn't misrepresent it there is generally no problem.  Unfortunately, some folk who put a lot of effort into what they do can develop a "more authentic than thou" attitude.  Generally, though it is not much of a problem, although the very vast majority of folk in the SCA are great people there are always a irreducible few who take an opportunity to be jerks.  I have only run into a couple over the last 43 years.  A word or two from old Laurels like Thomas or I is usually enough to redirect someone who needs a gentle reminder about the "Dream" and how the game is played.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Sorry, I wasn't dissing SCA, there were a couple members back when who were period jerks. One was known for standing in front of people with cameras so they wouldn't spoil the fights. The same one and a cohort weren't going to "allow" me to wear safety glasses at the anvil. I started packing up to leave but a young lad ran and got Baron Hugh who had asked me to demo at the event. They argued with him and ended up the smith's thralls. 

Almost everyone was there for the fun and were happy to see trues rather than blue jeans, etc. I wasn't in town often enough to make joining viable. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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On 4/14/2021 at 7:29 AM, Irondragon ForgeClay Works said:

You will probably find a lot of changes to the forum since last posting.

a major one is pictures most of the old pics will no longer show so be warned


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