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Well I just got the revised estimate to run power to the shop; by emails, (first one was incorrect); so I signed off on it and ran it down to the CoOp; then they tell me I need to prepay the estimate.  Not having US$3100.49 on me; I got to walk over to the bank to get a cashiers check.  It turns out that the savings account just for my shop electrification set up by my wife only has her name on it...So I had to raid the main savings account. Then the bank's cashier's check system was down. Finally I squeaked back in the door of the CoOp just before they close and hand off the check---and they tell me I need the signed staking form as well and that will have to be on Monday as I have to go find it and sign it...

Poco a Poco se Hace Nada!

Of course I now have the forms to have my savings account put in my name...

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I have over the last 10 years had many tell me..   I still don't listen..  I just learn more patience and figure out other ways..  I'm a slow learner.. Extremely slow.. 

Like grease slow on a sub zero day. 

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