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I am very happy to be working with

Colter Fike to bring you two full weekend classes!

Both weekends are focusing on skill building for beginners/intermediate by working through fun small projects. Below are just a few of the topics we will be covering:

Shrink and stretch: Often misunderstood skills that you can use to your advantage.

Project will be Spoon making (without the need for a swage block)

Symmetry: Lay out with volume changes the easy way.

Learn to create balanced designs with minimal math.

Hammer swing tune up: Efficient hammering, no sweat!

Brazing for the blacksmith: A valuable and underused metal fastening technique.

90 Degrees in Alaska: Fast, easy and accurate square corners!

Tapers: The secret to graceful lines to your projects.

Bringing it all together: Sunday we will combine new skills on a project.

Weekend #1 April 10-11

Weekend #2 May 1-2

Classes at ; 2520 N. Meadow Lakes Loop. Wasilla Ak

Payments and sign up can be done Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 3PM at

Fike Industrial Construction  Wasilla, Alaska 99623





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I have an *old* tiny, (3.5"?), postvise where the screwbox is forge brazed out of a number of pieces and the internal thread was made from sq wire that was wrapped around the screw, unscrewed and then forge brazed inside the screwbox.  Frank Turley examined it and told me he thought it predated 1800 and probably came over with an immigrant as a prized tool of his profession. (Picked it up at Quad-State one year for US$20.)

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That's how mine was made as well. It has 4" jaws though. It's also a tang mount (like many of the earlier ones).

I have no idea of the age, but she works just fine. I don't go full 170# gorilla on it when when tightening it down though since the brazed screwboxes aren't as strong... and the age doesn't help.  

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16 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

tanged mount

When you say "tanged mount" do you mean the type with the two wedges that holds the actual mounting plate to the piece of bent flat bar that that goes around the spring and stationary jaw? 


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The mounting bracket/plate has a tenon that goes through the shaft of the stationary jaw, through a sq hole in the soring and is then wedged to hold everything together near the inside of the vise end of the tenon.  

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