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First time hammering anything

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Well, I managed to get a stump for my makeshift anvil but I have to borrow a chainsaw to get it flattened out. Today was my only day off this week so I used the crappy anvil stand I put together and tried forge welding three pieces of 1084. I really want to get into San Mai so I figured just getting three pieces of steel to weld would be a good start.
I cut three small pieces, cleaned them up, used a super cheap flux core welder to weld around the edges, threw it in the forge and started hammering (not very hard, just enough to hopefully set the weld) After, I cut the piece in half and I think it looks pretty good. Although I wouldn’t be able to tell if the center piece stayed center, so I’m going to try some 15N20 and 1084 soon and drop it in ferric to see. 
Then the torch on my forge started sputtering really bad (I’ve noticed it does this after being on for maybe 20 minutes) so I shut it down and decided I should do some research on that before firing it up again. 
Had a blast trying this for the first time though.  



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DHarris & Thomas, yes, I welded around all four edges as I’ve heard from a couple people that this helps to keep oxygen out when you don’t have flux on hand. The three pieces were also pretty flush so I’m sure that helps a lot too. Should I be doing something different? 

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