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20lb propane tank build

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OK that gives a temperature range to work with.  It's common for people to use "heat treat" when they really mean to heat for quenching; but as my wife will tell you, I am overly picky with terminology.  With 100+ countries participating here I like to be careful to make sure we are all discussing the same things with the same terms.

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I've definitely seen the term thrown around very losely.

I'm still working on breaking some of the bad terminology I've picked up. I'll get there 


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I was able to run the forge a little bit today

Finally forged my first pair of tongs! I hardened a knife in it today as well. 

I feel like I have much more control with this propane tank forge vs my old 2 brick forge 

Thank you people for all of the help getting me this far. I really appreciate it



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