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The steel type arms race on BattleBots.


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Good Morning All,

Anyone that has watched BattleBots will know weapons like the 60+ pound S7 tool steel blade of tombstone, shown here, makes a single 250 pound robot in to many small parts without too much trouble. 

The 2019 and 2020 seasons have soon the wide adoption of AR400 and AR500 steel for armor and weapons. This AR400 and AR500 armor has caused S7 tool steel spinning weapons to crack and shatter. Now people are making spinning weapons like the type shown in the photo out of AR400 and AR500. Anyone that wants to watch some physics in action should look at the BB 2020 fights on Youtube or Discovery+. The results of these impacts are leaving half inch deep cuts in the 2 inch thick ballistic glass around the battle box. 

I thought this would be a good conversation topic for a Friday. 

I hope all is well and everyone is safe. 



WD AR400.png

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A number of the bots already have pretty serious burners one of the winners lit the loser on fire last night and killed it's weapon. Tombstone has broken itself more than once, it MUST absorb the same amount of energy it imparts to the opponent. Action and equal reaction can be a shattering experience. 

It makes me wonder how many steel manufacturers are watching and sponsoring bots. Hmmm?

Yeah, I'm a fan, it's my kind of violence, nobody gets hurt unless they bark their knuckles twisting a wrench but holy flying parts and pieces batman! The arena floor is 1/2" steel and it gets gouged up and bots stuck in it. Spinners often get embedded in the plexi walls and occasionally the ceiling. What's not to love?:wub:

Frosty The Lucky.

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I've enjoyed the show periodically, but wish we could get more of a window into how the bots are constructed.  I suppose that has to be kept somewhat secret to balance the competition.  Have to admit, it has my engineering senses twitching.

On a related subject, has anyone seen Junkyard Wars?  I watched it a couple of times and wish it was still available.  Looking around for a method of seeing it streamed (or the original British version: Scrapheap Challenge.  This kind of competition seems tailor made for the innovative smiths here.

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I miss junkyard wars but the challenges were starting to get too contrived, "build an airplane" and gee whiz all the teams just happen to find propellers in the junkyard. Some just walked to a pile and pulled THE key component out. 

I loved the show regardless even if I wished there were a salt free version. It's made for blacksmiths.

Junkyard Robot Fight?

Frosty The Lucky.

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