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What advice do you wish someone had given you when you were younger?

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20 hours ago, Frosty said:

at the wrong bar. The tool bar is very low, the skills bar is as high as you can push it. 

The equipment bar is what I was referring to. It was truly shocking when I learned how little you really need in the way of equipment. An eye opening revelation to be sure. It's one of the things I stress most to anyone I come in contact with that shows an interest in blacksmithing. 


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Yes; I once heard a fellow telling someone they should expect to spend several thousand US dollars on equipment to become a smith.  So the next weekend I went out and built a complete beginners set up: Forge, Blower, Improvised anvil, basic tools; for under US$25!  (Used that forge as my billet welding forge for several years.)

The "toys" are fun and can really speed things up; but are useless without the skills!

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That was the "royal" tool, I deleted the list I'd written before I submitted the post. Tools in the most general would be anything from the rock you threw at the neighbor dog for doing it's business on your lawn to the space station and beyond. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I helped a friend get into woodworking, just by telling him he doesn't need to have expensive tools to do what he wants to do, his interest was there, the final push to actually start was still needed.

When I was younger I would like people to tell me that being smart is not an excuse to slack off, that hard work and smart work are needed to grow. Would've saved me a few years studying to reach where I am now. Getting into blacksmithing and wood/leather craft actually helped me teach this, that sometimes the way to do something is plain hard work.

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8 year old me: be good to little girls, they become big girls!

18 year old me: identify and listen to mentors who want to help. Save money for the long haul. 

22 year old me: dont marry HER! 

30 year old me: watch your waistline, stay in shape

40 year old me: to old to know better, young enough not to give a xxxx. 

 50 and up: there's no time like the present!--Wishing I could go back and smack my earlier versions up side the head- - -

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