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Wanting some advice for a forge

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I have not started to forge, yet. I’m looking for input. I have a cheap grill from a big box store.  The square type. I’m thinking of modifying it for a charcoal forge. I have looked at diy charcoal forges and I’m not sure what direction to go in.  Not sure if running the air pipe down the middle with v-shaped walls or making a small pit out sand and clay and have the air flow come in the side, or drop a brake drum  down the center of the grill go from there. The other possibility is scrap the whole thing and buy an inexpensive gas forge to start out. See images below




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I only tried a bottom blast firepot with charcoal once and it burned through charcoal like nobody's business. I'd reckon a side blast jabod would be your best bet. I have a propane forge and still use my JABOD regularly. 


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My preference for charcoal is sideblast. Don't overthink the shape of the "pot" keep it simple to start so you can change it. Experiment until you've found what works for YOU on what type project. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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