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I Forge Iron

Beginner blacksmith in search of other smiths in SE Pennsylvania (Bucks/Mont Co)

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Beginner smith looking for a mentor/teacher. Willing to pay or trade expertise (I’m a woodworker/chair maker and also build roubo workbenches.

Just looking for some basic stuff to get started in earnest. I made a few hooks and have a propane forge and 115 lb Fischer anvil. Pretty good at learning from videos but having someone look over your shoulder is soso much better when starting out. My woodworking didn’t progress until I met a mentor that taught me the basics and now I can apply them to every project I do.

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Welcome aboard FrontStreet guy, glad to have you. Ditto Frazer regarding hooking up with the local organization. You sure have it right about working with someone experienced to super charge learning a craft. 

Do you have a less cumbersome handle, nick name, name, etc. we can address you by? Your login is going to undergo some really creative spelling and memory twists in no time if we don't have an easier one to remember.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hey FrontStreet- welcome aboard. Seems to be a bunch of us from BuxMont. I'm just up 313 in Q'Town near the Tractor Supply. I'm getting my second shot up in Bethlehem tomorrow AM, and will start feeling comfortable about opening up my shop. Gimmee a yell!


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Hi Frazer - I actually just found out about the PABA a day or two, and it already gleaned me a guy close to me in Doylestown. 

Frosty - I'll have to come up with a better handle huh? Front Street Tools is my company name, but I'll come up with a fun nickname. Just give me some time :)

Stash - I just PM'd you back. Would love to stop by! Will definitely give you a yell, always up to meet artisans in the area.

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