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Just bought my first anvil. Is this a legit Trenton?

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Yes it is a Trenton. What lead you to believe it is not? It looks to be in very good condition. I hope you have read about not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened face, which will do more harm than good.

Your pictures are huge they took a long time to load even though I have high speed internet. A lot of our members have to depend on dial up or pay for data and large pictures are data hogs.

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Nice Trenton.

It is a first year of US manufacture (1898) by S/N. The forged base with flats on the feet was replaced by a cast steel base very soon afterwards.

Please fill in your location in your profile, so we know where to come to anvil-nap your Trenton... 

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Now would those have been Australian dollars, Canadian Dollars, Singapore dollars or what?  World Wide Web!

In the last 40 years of smithing I have never seen a faked anvil stamping; not worth it as the "collectors" market for "rare anvils" is pitifully small.  I bought my "rare" Powell for about 30 cents a pound!  Who told you that being rare made it worth more?   Also Columbus Forge and Iron co sold over two hundred and fifty five thousand anvils; so not very rare as anvils tend to last a long long time. For a using anvil the condition is more important than how rare it is.  That one looks in quite good condition what were the results of the ring and ball bearing tests?

I live in the SW USA and US$6.70 a pound is higher that I would ever suggest someone to pay for an anvil near me, although I see quite a few listed for $7 I don't know if they sold for that.; Though if you are in California it might be a more common price.  I recently sold a 248# Peter Wright for about  US$4 a pound .

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Why yes, there is a way to find the weight without a scale. Do you see the 112 on the side under the Trenton logo? That is the weight in pounds.

If you stay around IFI for awhile, nobody will remember you live in Vegas, so please put your location in your profile.

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