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Hello fine IFI readers, I realized it had been quite a while since I'd been on and just wanted to stop by and say things have been going well. The forge you all helped me get going has been holding up extremely well and has helped produce quite a few little projects. I've experimented with some different finishes and quite like the glossy black finish applying canola oil to hot metal gives and it is also food safe. I successfully completed a small forge weld on a fire poker as well which I was pleased by. 

Everyone likes photos so here is a little sampling of what I've done since the new forge has been running. Also a CAD model of a project I am hoping to work on in the near future. It will be a small bench for the bedroom, the model shown being a shelf on the bottom and I am planning on doing a "tufted" cushion as the top of the bench. (We will see how far I get with that or if it ends up with a basic square cushion.) 

I will say I have found some limitations with the propane forge and would like to get a small coal forge at some point in the future to be able to do some larger ornamental pieces and oddly shaped things more easily. I do have an opportunity to trade time/labor for one from the guy I bought my post vice from, but that will be down the road sometime and I have enjoyed having a proper forge compared to my JABOD that was about 12"x18" outside dimensions, powered by a hand pump for air mattresses. 












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