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Scientific blower

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Here’s a blower made by foos mfg that I found awhile back. The guy I got it from tried to put new fins on the impeller and turn it into a squirrel cage. It spins over but the all the extra sheet metal in there is rubbing so one of these days I’m gonna yank all that out and rebuild some normal fins. I’m assuming that this thing was gear driven in its younger days but I couldn’t find a no70 scientific blower on google to see what it’s original setup was. I did find some no60s and some neat little table top forges the were made by them. 








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I've seen similar blowers that were gear driven between that small gear on the shaft and a large friction pulley that was in turn hand pumped with a lever.  Look for historical information on similar manufacturers like Champion and Canady Otto.

This sort of thing (though this one doesn't seem to have the gearing):


or this one:


In any case this type of blower volute is really not made for any kind of squirrel cage impeller, so I would certainly update later to "fins" as you intended.

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I’ve seen a couple of larger champions and Buffalos and candy Ottos comparable to this one that were stand alone flywheel set ups on frames. So I’m assuming this scientific 70 was part of a larger set up like that. I’ve got quite a few blowers of various brands and models that I’ve picked up here and there but this is one of only two that I have had a hard time finding a picture of in its original set up. The other is a star but I’ve got that one buried in the barn I need to drag it out sometime and get some pictures of it on here to. 

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