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I Forge Iron

Bad Blacksmithing Information On The Net.

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Another glaring blunder; but in a book this time: "Send a Fax to the Kasbah", Dorothy Dunnett: pg 161 from a description of a Souk in Morocco: "fire glared from brazier and furnace  where smiths hammered and bent molten metal."         Hammering molten metal sounds very painful to me!

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MINIONS, Thomas, that's what minions are for. :rolleyes:

I can envision using a hammer for improvised injection molding but only if I REALLY imagine hard while wearing an aluminized fire suit. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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I recently had an evil pigeon fly into my shop and directly at me as I was transferring a mold filled with molten silver from the furnace to the cooling bricks  

I flinched, the mold slipped and I about jumped across the room. It felt like slow motion as I watched every drop of that liquid metal splash across the shop. I got lucky but my workbench was on fire for a bit. 

spooky stuff. I re-discovered my respect of molten metals that day. 

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Satori; the "at" symbol messes up the software used on this forum; please do not use it!  We are not some facebook or other social media clone!

Were you able to recover most of the silver?  I had a crucible failure once using my forge to melt metal and had the most interesting mess throughout the stuff in the ash dump of the forge and running out into the pile under the forge.

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