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Please help me find my first Treadle Hammer...

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On 3/5/2021 at 9:48 PM, MTplainsman said:

doesn't the extra 7 or so inches

Good question. My floor is dirt and the top of the ties is grade, so no problem.

I have my anvil and the top edge of my forge set at the same height. That way my forge can act as a stand when I'm forging longer pieces at my anvil. Also, because my forge has a step down(cutout), longer irons can stay in the fire, supported by a stand and be out of the way(below) those I'm forging. 

My table also is at the same height as my anvil.

If I built my own treadle, I would make sure the face was at  the same working height as my anvil, or at least match the height of my 25# lil giant. My working height is knuckle high, and I'm not a knife maker.  ;)

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Thomas, I seem to be on the "it works" side of my anvil height.  Not perfect but, I have to admit that I never had great eye sight and could always use a closer view of things for detail (even though I am 42 yo).  I am trying to get a new anvil right now, and I will have to experiment a bit with the perfect height before I build a permanent stand for it.  Trying to see if I can get a Holland two horn...

Anvil, I had in my mind that you had a concrete floor like mine.  Now I understand how there is basically no extra height.  I like the fact that you are keeping as many tools on the same level as possible.  Everything doubles as a support and this is what I am striving for.  Also, I just might keep the knuckle high level as well. 

Thank you all for input!

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Put a piece of pine sheeting on the anvil and hit it 3 times in different places with your hammer.  If the crescent moon is at 12 o'clock the anvil is too low, if the crescent moon is at 6 o'clock the anvil is too high, if the crescent moon is at 9 or 3 o'clock the hammer is tilted.  Adjust as needed and try again.  The finish dent should be a round impression, just like the hammer face. 

Measure the distance from the bottom of the anvil to the floor and build your anvil stand to that height.

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MT,  Dave at Arrowhead Forge in Buffalo WY, and i went thru the school  [ Skunk Hollow Forge] way back in the dark ages of 1976.  He runs a great school and is a talented teacher. If you get the chance to attend his classes, you will learn a lot. tell him Smokey sent you.  Smokey.

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