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Cable splicing vises


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15 hours ago, George N. M. said:

You are correct that retting flax plants can get pretty smelly.  Probably not as bad as tanning leather but you still want it down wind.

If you have your domestic help take care of this, then your rett butler can assure you that the smell is gone with the wind.

15 hours ago, Frosty said:

Manila is a color not a fiber, plant. A manila envelope by any other color isn't a manila envelope.

To add to what George says above, manila envelopes are so called because they are made from manila "hemp"/abacá. This is what gives them their great toughness.

13 hours ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

that stinking llama

One of the worst things I've ever smelled was a rotted lamb carcass that we had to dispose of on the sheep farm where I worked in the summers of '86 and '87.

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I don't have any cites and searches all hit about what you said. I concede manila rope.

Ah HAH, Thomas points out the misunderstanding! It's actually called sinsemanila! No wonder nobody knows where the name came from.

The really high power cannabis being sold here is all hermaphroditic and they get good money for seeds.

I've never smelled human dead but I did have to pull duty on the road kill crew on occasion and loading a moose carcass literally squirming with maggots in a dump truck is truly ghastly.

THEN instead of taking it directly to the transfer station equipped to deal with animal carcasses the superintendent decides the extra $30 shouldn't come out of his budget and putting it in a dumpster IN THE YARD (farthest from HIS office) is the answer. 

We dumped the now rupturing moose in the yard and I pick it up with the goop dripping REAKING loader I loaded the dump truck with and start pouring(?) the squirming maggot paradise moose . . . goo. The second scoop splashed goo out of the dumpster. 

The working foreman told me to be sure I washed the loader before parking it. I replied on the radio if someone didn't take the fire hose to it I was going to pull it into the shop and leave it. I started getting threats when the guy driving the dump truck, next in line for station foreman (Anchorage 3) backed me and we got to point the nasty ends down wind from the cab while minions hosed them out. Then washed the pavement down the drain. The pavement stunk for a week anyway.

Anchorage 1 (the superintendent) had to pay for the special call out to have the now overflowing with maggots and goop dripping dumpster picked up, from his budget. Happily I was dispatched to a job out of the yard. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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Sinsemilla, Spanish for "without seeds";  was a big thing back in the late '70's.  50 years of folks trying to "improve" their crop has probably changed things a lot since I was "lectured" by our dorm's stoner...

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I was killing some time recently at a thrift store . and bought a home brewing book. I didn't start drinking beer until after I moved to Las Vegas in 05. It was probably around 08 that I started getting beers when out with friends because my drinks of choice (cocktails) are so expensive. I had the choice between a $12 cocktail or a $3 beer, the beer won out. The $3 beers were PBR, or Schlitz, and later I started trying different beers like Blue Moon with the orange (orange also goes good in a PBR), Pyramid Ale's apricot, and Moose Drool ale is also pretty tasty. A friend got me a 22 or 24oz Indian Wells Brewing Co one time, and after half a pint I was already getting a buzz. Looked the full wrap label over and there it was 12%, no wonder it hit like it did. I don't care for the really bitter beers, but I am having fun trying different styles out.  But if I have a choice, I will still take a cocktail over a beer at a party.

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On 3/27/2022 at 7:22 AM, yt12 said:

I think I now need one

I spoke with mr Larry an asked him what on earth he wanted my cable splicing vise for,

and interesting enough he works for a rigging company here in Oklahoma that uses these vises to make some of their products,

he told me these style vises are still available new for around $800, im not sure if a body could justify that for a home shop but I thought I’d let you and everyone else know if ya really really wanted one they are for sure still available just kinda pricey

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howdy from eastern Oklahoma and welcome to the forum! 

were ya from? 

To answer your question this wonderful heavy giant cable splicing vise is located next to a cow field in peavine outside the greater metropolitan area of Stilwell Oklahoma!

Strawberry capital of the world! 

is it for sale? I dunno, maybe, depends on how many pennies you got saved up or what ya got to swap! Lol

if your really interested then you can send me a pm an we can talk,

now for more questions,

how come y’all don’t just order a new one for your shop? What kinda work do y’all do that ya need a monster cable splicing vise?

More importantly is there some kinda market I don’t know about for giant old John a roebling cable splicing vises?

Your the second guy now in just a few months that’s hopped on here asking about it:huh:

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  They had one of those machines at a small branch back home and boy was it loud.  They rolled their eyes when I brought in ten coffee cans of coins before moving.  I told them just deposit it and left after the first two cans.  They asked  me to come back and haul off the empty cans, pocket lint, screws, nuts etc...

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That’s funny Scott, Ive had a similar experience at the bank were they took my coffee cans an then called me to come get them later lol

On a different note I got another coin machine story “the quarter caper” long story short is,

My old boss used to have a coin op laundromat and one night some crackhead hid out in the laundromat in a maintenance tunnel behind the dryers then he broke in the barbershop then broke into the hardware store an stole a couple buckets of quarters outta my bosses office,

if I recall it was something like $800 bucks worth…

He thought he was pretty slick and drove a whole 20 miles away to Siloam springs to the Walmart up there to use the coinstar machine…

apart form being charged a percentage of the coins the guy didn’t have enough sense to think that normally people don’t just happen to have $800 bucks worth quarters hanging around without them bein mixed in with other change,

so of course it threw up some red flags, and there was already a police report out looking for someone with a bunch of quarters, the cameras got him nice an clear, an the cops had within a couple days,

he went to jail,

the get away driver (the guys mother) got away with helping him for some reason, an dodged jail time,

an my boss never got his money back cause they had it blown on drugs before they caught them,

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   A guy I went to school with stole a huge aluminum loading dock ramp, trailer type and towed it straight to the scrapyard three miles away.  He's been in and out of prison.  Last I heard he was a three time felon.  A person would not believe half the stuff people get up to.

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About ten years ago, someone pulled up outside our church in the middle of the night, stole half a dozen bronze bells (imported from Russia) from the bell frame by the front door, and took them to a scrapyard. The yard owner saw a news item the next day about the stolen bells and called the cops, who quickly caught the miscreant, who somehow didn't think that having shown the yard his ID to get paid might come back to haunt him.

The good thing was that the thief sawing apart the wooden frame with a chainsaw revealed that it had been chewed up inside by carpenter bees and probably would have fallen apart on its own soon thereafter anyway.

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I worked a theft case where the thief stole a bunch of bronze flower vases and urns off of the headstones in our local cemetery. He took them to the scrap yard about a half mile down the road.

While I was taking a report from one of the victims, I got a call from one of the guys at the scrap yard. Seems one of the large urns had his grandfathers name cast into it.

Needless to say the thief was still there when I arrived, shaking like a leaf in a wind storm, with a couple of employees standing guard over him. I think that was the easiest case closed by arrest I can remember. The scrap value of all the loot came to a felony charge.

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What a lucky guy; some of the scrapyarfds I have visited I would expect that a thief with one of the crew's  grandfathers cemetary stuff with his name on it would never see a cop.  Just the inside of a trunk and an obnoxious whine of hydraulics leading to a free international trip...

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