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I Forge Iron

I Forge Iron's 20th Anniversary Donation Drive

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This year is I Forge Iron's 20th Anniversary. 

In our modest kitchen over a gallon of sweet tea, Glenn and I took our first steps and created I Forge Iron. That was in 2001. A lot has changed since then. We've keep up with the changes and grown with the internet.

To bring us into the next decade, we're asking for your help.

Donate Here

Our immediate needs:

  • $200 for server software licensing.
  • $200 for general software licensing.
  • $200 $100 for domain renewals (multiyear). 
  • $20 for drinks when things go wrong.
  • $20 for drinks when things go right.

Our stretch goals:

  • New Server Hardware
  • New Camera equipment
  • Restructuring the Blueprints section

Since COVID, more people are using cellphones. Now, every day's traffic looks as if it were a weekend. We've already done a lot of the work already. In January, we moved server systems completely.

Unlike other websites we don't run a store. We have very limited advertising (and even recommend ad-block). We run this as a hobby. We aim to archive our craft and get you information to bring back to your shop. On our original donation drive, we renewed our domain for 10 years to show you our commitment. We hope to do that again.

With your help, we'll be in a good place heading into the summer. Any amount helps.


Send Glenn a PM for the snail mail address if you would like to donate that way.

Thanks goes out to those who have donated so far.

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