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The Does and Don'ts of using an angle grinder...

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Tortilla press on the LG eh?  I like it. Screw press to make sauce.

I've seen videos of asians beating green stuff in a big bowl with a big mallet and a lead (baker/chef)? like the main smith calling and turning the (dough)? Was fun to watch. They had great coordination. 

I recomend Not cutting/ carving pumpkins with a chainsaw. I carved a pumpkin with a chainsaw once and it was a Very messy operation. I'd imagine cutting anything with a lot of moisture in it to be about as bad. 


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Chainsaws are good for cutting: hot dogs, baloney, salami, onions pickles, etc. The trick is catching the sawdust, it makes a wonderful sandwich spread.  Deviled kerfwich spread.:wub:  Mmmmmm.

Das: You haven't imagined chainsaw messiness until you've used one to butcher a moose.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Power washing is like another day in the rain forest to a Stihl. Just be sure to flush and replace the oil with veggy oil!

In the woods you squirt some Dawn in a tub of hot water and run the saw chain in the water. Take the covers off and brush it out. The sawdust in the nooks and crannies keeps bodily fluids from penetrating too far. Just don't let it dry on

Frosty The Lucky.!

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Sounds like a sequel to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"---The Cleanup!

I have used my screwpress to crack nuts---be sure to use an appropriate sized stop block.

Now making an incised twist on hot dogs can help increase the surface area for caramelization and subsequent condiment application...

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