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I Forge Iron

My Silver drill press.

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Yup, I love vintage tools. Made to last. Don’t own a thing tool made in China! I have a drill bit that I used to make my 2nd Gatling gun. I made an 8 barreled .45 auto on a tripod. The bolts were 6” long grade 8 steel 1” bolts, turned down. I drilled half way through from both sides on my lathe. A total of 48”. Never resharpened the bit. Most people just laugh and tell me I’m full of it. It is a Danish Import brand? of drill bit that came in a 29 piece set that cost me 145 bucks. Mind you the drill bit never got hot enough that you couldn’t touch it but that’s obviously how you keep a drill bit sharp. That and copious amounts of 80/90 for lube.

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1 hour ago, Nodebt said:

  You have a nice shop Jim.  I used to really enjoy old machine tools, you have some unique ones.   I bet you have a lot of fun in there!

Yup. Especially love old tools that I know the history of. The local blacksmith’s tools are my favorites.

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1 hour ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

that’s a nice silver! I’ve found two just like yours but they were both missing parts or had broken parts and neither looks as nice as yours. I’ve still got one rigged up in the shop that I use but it’s not near as complete as that one. 

The automatic feed is nice when you want to run another machine at the same time. Traded a guy a small table saw/jointer for it. Found the saw in the local dumpster so the price was right.

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