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I still have a dumb phone and text Abc. I call it The Brick because it's a bar style phone that's about 3/4" thick. It's built for construction workers so it's very rugged. It fell out of my breast pocket into my quench oil once so I fished it out and cleaned it off with soap and water. I also dropped a hot coal next to it once and the corner caught on fire. Still works fine. That's what I like about the dumb phones, they just work. Fewer software "upgrades", no distracting apps, removable battery, inexpensive, makes calls, sends texts and even has a hammer emoji. The last point I was surprised to find.

It does have a very basic browser, but it's a pain in the butt to try to use and lot of web pages don't support whatever Linux based software is running my phone (I get the little penguin on startup when it loads the OS).

I don't have a need for a smart phone since I'm not on social media and if I need the internet for some reason I have a laptop for that and a GPS in my car if I need to go somewhere. Plus I don't think it would survive me. 

I agree TP, there are some compatibility issues with some of the newer phones, but I doubt they'll drop support for 4G LTE, which is what my phone runs on. They still make basic phones, there just aren't as many people still using them.

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