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What brand is my anvil?

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I have an anvil that’s been in the family forever. But I can’t quite read the name and trademark. Looks to be a name inside of a diamond to me. The letters on the paper are what I think I can read. The anvil is 30” long and 12” tall. Has the numbers 198 and 158? At the bottom. 760905D2-75D0-4BF9-A884-83DECE4BC14A.thumb.jpeg.4fc1e688bcdab3397f9989d10bfb4bab.jpegA7EF4AFA-F39B-4FEA-8D3C-08A39F390C65.thumb.jpeg.7c1ce40659d86e6fa1e59115065d0060.jpeg14F512C8-9192-44DC-AE9F-52FFA2412081.thumb.jpeg.f7a992cbd2b75f9ee02f35b21fa01fe6.jpegEA6104BE-7146-4748-B44B-7DCD5C5434CF.thumb.jpeg.7343a7c06bdd10b287ded1556930c287.jpeg Has a hardened face. Any info would be appreciated.


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The age would be based on the complete serial number, can you get it?  It' s not just 158; I can see other numbers to the right of 158.

Value?  What are anvils going for in YOUR area?  It may vary by a couple hundred dollars compared to my area.  I recently sold a 248# Peter Wright with more edge damage for US$4 a pound and that was considered cheap! I'd check with the state ABANA affiliate, The Prairie Blacksmith Association, they have a Facebook page and supposedly a webpage too; but I had difficulty getting to that just now,  The ABANA Affiliate map showed 3 locations in Nebraska for them.

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