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Estimado Señor Slag; Unscurvy dog that I am; I am aware of the issues with scurvy on the high seas and the problems occurring until they figured it out.

I also know about how the gin and tonic became a staple in certain locations.

Yellowjack however remained a mystery until they discovered it's "fly by night" nature and it was "canalized" so to say...yes my wit is a slender "Reed" to lean on...

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I have Texican friends and in laws. Many of my friends have tars on their pickups and when they call you'd better come rat cheer. I think they bake biscuits with flar but not the ones in the garden. I've become fond of, all yall"

45 minutes ago, Glenn said:

No one mentioned condensed milk in a can, or powdered milk in a box.

Good GREIF NO! :o They're right up there with powdered eggs for gourmetness!

If we gotta though, Milkman used to be about as good as powdered milk got and was pretty good to bake with. Sweetened condensed milk boiled a while in the can makes a sort of custardy stuff, pretty good with syrup or chocolate, cinnamon, etc. something for flavor.

Oh WAIT! Sweetened condensed milk is good in pumpkin/squash/sweet potato pie filling. My grandmother preferred sweet cream in pies but you had to allow for the extra butter fat. Her pumpkin, or whatever they were on any given day, pies were the BEST! 

Frosty The Lucky.

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