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Hello from New Mexico

Apple Duck

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Hi everyone, I'm here from southern NM. Hot and dry part of America. I would like to befriend any smith's who are so inclined to make a new friend. I have a decent background in general mechanics, welding, woodworking, etc... I have spent many years acquiring blacksmithing equipment and realize I have a lot to learn in this area, but now that I have my shop and equipment lined up am ready to dive in. I guess I have put my smithing on hold, really because felt I couldn't over-come the learning curve but now, with the resources of the internet, have found that there is no reason not to just get out there and shape iron. I expect to use this forum as  a learning and sharing resource. I understand that alot of you experienced hands talk like you're grumpy, but have found that most of you are a bunch of great guys who are willing to share the craft, and look forward to knowing you all in some form or another.


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Being an old vet i have several tattoos. My old lady actually has more. Her ex used to be a tattoo artist and me and him worked in the same tattoo shop years back. 

I tired branding once back many years ago. Yes we did brandings and piercing in that shop. I got my iron shaped the way i wanted, heated it up good and hot, grabbed it, took a breath, started to brand myself, paused, another breath, paused, another breath, pause... a couple minutes later stuck it on my forearm. Oh lordy, lordy, the pain, instant blister. Yeowwwww...i waited so long the brand did not take, all i did was cuased my self some pain. The iron was hot enough to hurt but not enough to be a permanent scare. 

I have since grown up. 

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