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I Forge Iron

Another new guy from Illinois


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Welcome, I made Christmas gifts for my 4 kids too---from rusty barbwire!   Cost much more to ship them, especially the one to Okinawa. Barbwire basket "icicles" for their Christmas trees:


Good forge welding practice, small rusty steel wire. Rusty so no issues with galvanization.

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Welcome aboard Jack, glad to have you. What do you have in mind to make? We LOVE pics and wouldn't hate a look see at your shop, equipment, tools, projects, kids, pets, etc. Most anything you'd show young children you don't want to have to explain adult stuff to. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the welcome.

I will try to take some pic's over the next couple of days and read up on posting them.

I tend to have more projects in mind than i have time. End goal is to be making bits and spurs. I made a bunch of J hooks for my friend who was making a turkey mount thingy to give to his son and nephews. Couple of crappy bottle openers but they work and are getting better. Right now, making some hoof picks out of horse shoes that fit in the sheath on a saddle and adding a horse head on the handle. Getting the sizing right while making it look good is the tricky part. In the past, i just cut the horseshoe in half and made a hoof pick but those are to long for this.

I have found out that all the S hook practice i have done from a class, are really useful for around the barn, i get requests for those. Made my own holdfasts. I find that at times, i am making a tool to make something else, granted they are simple tools but it is a good feeling of accomplishment.


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