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Wine Bottle Tree, yard art for mom


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This last week I decided to make my mom a piece of yard art, that she has been dropping hints about for her birthday.  I figured it would be a great way to practice forging tapers corkscrews and leafs. Also got to do some mig welding for the first time in about 18 years. All set and done I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I will be sure to post a photo in its final installation once it has been gifted. Here was the original idea laid out in sketches, things changed a bit as I worked through the project, but here it is.... enjoy.bottletree.jpg.a5fad372bff40bdedb52adf6511273d5.jpg












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I like it, nice yard art. It has me thinking a few LEDs to light up the bottles might  be nice. Larger leaves would balance with the branches better to my eye too.

All that aside, WELL DONE! Mom'll love it.


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Thanks Frosty, I agree about larger leafs. This being my first run making leafs, there is a lot of room for improvement, and I'm looking forward to refining my process and vision at my next opportunity to do more ornamental work. But in the meantime I need to make some tooling for my next project. 


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I just calls em like I sees em. It's an excellent first off and even if it were the 100th. there'd be room for improvement. ;)

Leaves are a matter of practice, you'll find a size and shape that comes easy and you'll be using them all over the place.

Frosty The Lucky.

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