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Hello, I did blacksmithing and welding in high school and have decided to pick them back up in my retirement. I’m currently looking for an anvil and the other needed tools, if anyone has a line on any please let me know. I have to make a drive to Wisconsin this spring, 2021, so if anyone between there and Southern Idaho has something to sell let me know and I’ll make a stop to check it out. I’m also a fly fisherman on the river several days a week, if you are too and find yourself coming this way let me know. It might take a week or two to respond as I spend long stretches in the backcountry out of cell range. If there’s anyone within a days drive and would like to give a few blacksmithing lessons let me know.

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Welcome aboard. 

Don't let finding an "anvil" slow you down. Look up the improvised anvil thread to get some ideas to get you started till you find what you are looking for. If you still need one afterwards. 

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Part of the TPAAAT is to find anvils that sell cheaper rather than finding the ones that are more expensive---which are what you generally get going on-line.

Don't forget that the London Pattern anvil has only been around for a couple of hundred years while other types have been around for 3000 years; so don't get hung up on it, To get started the improvised anvil thread has a lot of good suggestions:



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