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I've located another anvil but it's two hours away so I'm reluctant to go check it out until I get some opinions from members here. The first photos he sent the face was to dirty to make any type of judgement. After asking he's cleaned the face and I find it very interesting. To my untrained eye, it doesn't look like an original face, it looks more like someone has laid a new face with welding, that's how I'd describe it. I asked about a rebound test but he didn't answer that question. Thank you for your feedback on this and the first anvil I posted, which I didn't get to check out yesterday as planned. The seller text he was getting sick and wanted to postpone.





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Be very careful how you ask someone who doesn't know better to do something. You should have stated "wire wheel" the face. Obviously they took "clean the face" an grinding. Ugh. 

Hard to tell without seeing more pictures of all of it. 

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I would agree with Daswulf, it looks like he took an angle grinder to it to clean the face.  Another serviceable anvil destroyed.  No fault of yours, just an ignorant person on the other end of things.  

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