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Another forge welding failure.


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I’m more than a little depressed. This was 5 layers. 1084/15n20/1084/15n20/1084

My next project is going to be one of those knives the samurai used to disembowel themselves. 


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Throw it back in the forge, and re weld.  Keep going. One cold shut out of five layers, means that the other joints welded. So hit it again.  My last billet, I worked at welding temp through 3 heats to insure it welded, before I started drawing. When I started drawing, the first hit was on the edge, If it seperated, it was immediately brought back to welding heat, and welded again.   But I'm a beginner, and may be doing it wrong.

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How deep does that go?  If this is going to go into the scrap bin anyway, I'd cut the billet in half, polish the cut ends, and etch to see how deep the un-welded portion is.

If you didn't grind the sides completely flush before welding the billet together, you will get that on the edges, but it might not be deep enough to worry about.  

On 1/17/2021 at 10:10 AM, mpc said:

I just kind of assumed it was “done” because... I don’t know why... because it was... cold?

only if the weld was bad enough for scale to have formed between the layers.

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