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Best inexpensive grinder for bladesmithing?

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I currently have a 2x42 grinder link removed that is doing a pretty good job on my starting knives. However, it's difficult to do hollow grinds on this. Is there a better one out there for $400 or less? I've done plenty of searches and see a lot of options but I'm not confident of enough of what I need to pick correctly.

Any advice appreciated!


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14 hours ago, Steve Sells said:

spend 100 more and get a Coate or Grizly

I've looked at those now, thanks! They seem a bit out of the price range tho but i can see the benefits.

Is there one out there that is cheap and horrible in all other ways but does hollow grinds well?


FYI: the one I got is a Bucktools 2x48 with a grind wheel or a brush wheel. Again good enough for everything but hollow grinds.

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23 minutes ago, Steve Sells said:

no, sometimes you have to cough up the cash to get the tools to do the job, I didnt spend my money on a Bader B3 for fun


Ok, point made. I saw one for about 725 from Grizzly, maybe I'll grab it in a year or so.

In this case, it is very much for fun...

Question: My bucktools has a 4" aluminum wheel on the bottom. The way the guard is, even laid down you can't get on the lower side of that wheel. Can I use a solid wheel for grinding or does it need to have the rubber surface? And if I can, should I cut away part of the guard to allow me to get on the under side?


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