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I Forge Iron

A Dutchman with his hammer

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Finally got started, not really something I made myself.

Long story short, my trainer had this piece laying around and because the original designer had a staff in mind about 45mm thick he could not really use it. So he gave it to me for a little tweaking


So, after a bit of grinding to remove the paint I cut off the hook and point to try and make them a little nicer on the eye.




After about 4 heats each they turned out like this. While they where getting nice and hot I also made a patented "Get small pieces of metal out of the forge when your thongs are to small and not really what you want them to be 9000" AKA a piece of rebar with a 90 degree bend at the end.

The plan from here on out is to mount the hook and spike on a piece of 33,7mm pipe and fit that to a normal sized staff.



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Most work at the forge is difficult when your thongs are too small. I teach my students that when working with a gas forge; grabbing the work piece with one pair of tongs and moving it to where you can grab it easily with another pair of tongs is good practice. (Some students notice that I tend to place the workpiece so it is easier to grab when I put it in the forge.

And I nominate  Deimos for the "best typo of the week" award!

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I second the nomination for best typo of the week! A too small thong brings a lot of entertaining problems to mind. Provided it's someone else's thong that is.

Frosty The Lucky.

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