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I have the opportunity to purchase this press. I just wanna make sure it would do what a normal fly press can do. From my research it is rated at 20tons. Thank you in advance and I may not be able to reply till late tonight maybe tomorrow as were on a road trip.


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How many leads on the screw?  Looks a lot like my Hopkins which has a 2 lead screw.  I've done coining, ornamental stamping on hot steel, used it to true up hardy tooling stems, punched and drifted eyes, flattened blades for around the last 18 years.  I have No IDEA what a "normal fly press can do!  My two lead is slower than a 3-5 lead press used for forging; of course it cost me US$100 back around 2003. I definitely don't use it for drawing; but have done some fullering with it.

Note I slip foam  pipe insulation on the dependent handles to lower the thwappage coefficient.  Also If you have shoulder issues accelerating that big wheel will NOT  be good for them!

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