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Help with tsuchime / hammered finish on knives

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I'm in Portland Oregon and I've been wanting to emulate a specific style of tsuchime / hammered finish I see on Shun's premier knives. I see a lot of unappealing tsuchime jobs but I love the way Shun is doing it. Specifically I like the deep, pronounced hammer marks with lots of overlap blending together. I just can't figure out exactly how they accomplish it. I think they are done mostly by hand because I see a lot of variation in the hammer marks between knives. I assume they are using a top/bottom set of ball peens simultaneously to keep it from flattening out. Does anyone have experience using dies with arrays of multiple ball peens? I was considering welding a cluster of a half-dozen or so 1" bearings to top and bottom plates, after grinding off some of the sides of the bearings so they are not spaced perfectly uniformly, and then just repeating that pattern with lots of overlap and maybe setting them in with a press. Has anyone done that? Do you know a better way? In your opinion, is the Shun pictured here actually hammered freehand with a single set of peens? Any advice on how to achieve a similar look is appreciated.



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Its kind of hard to see, the image is slightly out of focus... and I have absolutely no experience with it expressly. 

In the interest of speedier forging-

The first thing that comes to my mind would be to weld several small ball bearings together to a plate, for a texturing plate? It might not be easy...but maybe?

Take an older cheap hammer and weld some to it, or make a spring style fullering jig with two texturing plates?

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