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Power hammer build and effect of a larger anvil mass

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That was Nome, a gold mining town with barge access, they had a rail road among all sorts of heavy metal. Somewhere I have a pic of me standing with the little locomotive just off one of the roads. Been too long to remember which road. 

I remember some from 2009 but it's pretty blurry I took the hit to the head September 28, 2009, things just aren't clear either side of the day. 

Life goes on eh. Maybe we'll meet at Quad State or something. Deb and I plan on doing some cruising the lower 48 in the RV. Meeting online friends in person is on both our lists. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I love this beam hammer idea! im going to make it.

ive figured out everything else, parts wise. but what do you call this offset shaft thingy thats highlighted yellow in the picture? Is it called an off set shaft? a U shaft thingy? my knowledge of machinery parts is rather limited to "doo-dad", "thingy", and the occasional "whatchamacallit!"


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