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Power hammer build and effect of a larger anvil mass

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There's a pretty inexpensive way to get your beam. Glue laminate it from ply wood. Cut 6" strips, use a good wood glue apply a THIN coat and screw on the next layer. You want the screw pattern pretty close, start in the center of each ply and work to the ends. I haven't made a beam or whatever more than 1 1/2" thick but it was very strong and stiffer than the ply wood I started with. 

I wouldn't use epoxy or polyester (firberglass) resin I don't know how it'd stand up to repeated shock. Commercial Elmer's wood glue is plenty strong and has some flex.  Don't forget to (LIGHTLY) butter the layers so it penetrates the wood for a good bond. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Got the anvil mostly done. Just a bit more welding to do on it. I also sunk the base into the ground. Removed the pavers and sand. Than packed sand in to keep the base steady. And solid. It may rot out eventually but it should last a fairly long time. They are oak railroad bridge planks. 




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Are they creosoted?  Where I'm at the old fashioned creosoted timbers are good for over 60 years in ground contact according to the Electrical CoOp guy I was talking to when I got my "10 years in the ground" Utility poles to build my shop extension.

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Still lots of work but I was able to test with just gravity. Hooked up a string to pull it up a bit and let it fall. 53 lb ram. If I can figure out how to upload to YouTube on mobile I’ll post a video. It rather impressed me. Can’t wait to get the motor on 



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