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5hp motor, what components to buy for a decent 25 ton

Levi Prince

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I am looking at making a forge press, but I am seeing totally different components from everyone's different presses. Some people say 5hp can get you 50tons, some say it can't even get 20. My question is, I can easily get a 5hp 3450rpm or 1750rpm motor locally, so if I paired that with a 16gpm pump, what size cylinder can I expect to push at a decent speed with that? I know the calculations, but I really just don't know what kind of speed I should be shooting for. I'm not picky about what kind of tonnage I get as long as it's more than 20. I can get a different size pump as well but 16 just seemed to be the most commonly used one with a 5hp motor. Also, I've seen most of the responses to these types of post just saying "it depends", which really isn't helpful, so if no one has a relatively straightforward answer I would prefer to just not read unhelpful ones. I know these things all depend on what components you pick, but I'm asking what I can expect to get with a 5hp motor and (probably) a 16gpm pump.

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im currently building a press with 5hp 230v motor and a 16gmp pump. im also using a 4' bore 8' stroke. i have all the parts, minus a hose or 2 and some fittings. i just dont know where to start. my design is very similar to the coal iron bench top. but im separating my motor,pump,tank from the press itself so i can use the hydraulic unit elsewhere when needed. i know this post is old but did you ever finish your press? anything you would change about it?  

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MY press is h frame and next time or this one i might do the same as you and seperate the unit to make a smaller set up than i have now but i did [put it on wheels for moving around and storage.One thing for sure if i do another one is go smaller on the frame steel i went with all 4''x4'' by 1/4'' next one will be 2''x2'' by 1/4 to save some money.

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