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Big Failure. My bricks ¿melt?


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After a lot of time , I finally finished my gas forge. I made a ribbon burner , and used some k26 bricks and a fine coat of zirconium silicate for the interior .

After the first time I lightened it (for use) my bricks melt . 

I couldn't find anyone who had the same problem , and I'm not sure why it happened . The temperature inside the forge reached bright orange color.

Any thoughts? 




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Yes I think the burner is working ok . I didn't take any pictures or videos sadly . The briks , I bought them in a factory here in my city, and i don't really know much about them beside that were the k26 type of bricks .

 tomorrow morning I will be going to the factory to ask about what could had happened 

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You want to ask who the manufacturer if the K-26 bricks is. I've been seeing more brands using K-26 on their IFBs and I don't know if they're up to the same standard as Morgan Thermal Ceramics K-26 IFBs. 

On the other hand it is possible to build an air propane burner that will generate 3,200f. though that's more a matter of luck than anything. I have ONE out of I don't know how many T burners that will melt 3,000f hard firebrick after a while. 

Knowing who  made your K-26 will really help us help you.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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If we assume the temperature in the fore did not greatly exceed 2600 deg, that damage looks like the bricks were fluxed. Can you tell us what exactly you coated the bricks with? What binder did you use with the zirconium silicate?  I suspect either something in the brick wash is fluxing the brick or the brick itself is not up to scratch.

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