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Hello Again,

  So as some of you know, I recently built a tumbler which works pretty well, unfortunately it’s very loud. I’m considering ways to dampen the noise, but until then, I’m considering picking up a sandblaster since suburban NJ isn’t craving the current setup! I am finishing mostly 24” Fire pokers, with matching hooks to go with them. I understand that sandblasting often gives a duller finish with the standard aluminum oxide media, and I would like something a little more polished then that. Anyone use that black diamond coal slag or steel shot? I’m curious how well they can clean mill scale, and the finish they leave behind. I spray with a krylon clear coat, so that helps to add a little bit of shine and color to what is already on the poker. I was thinking of running to Harbor Freight or Tractor Supply this weekend to pick up a cheap one, but I’m not sure how capable those machines are at other media’s like shot or slag. Thank you!

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^ silica sand is the main issue there. Thats part of why aluminum oxide grits are used now, but still a breathing hazard. 

I have a blasting cabinet from harbor freight,  one sure thing I'd recommend is using a caulk gun and silicone at the least- when assembling it. Seal everything!! Lol. The one I have came with a glass window and plexiglass cover for it. It uses a sacrificial mask on the inside- which a major pain in the butt to replace. Neither Hobo freight, or the manufacturer sell replacements. I went to ace hardware and bought a 4ft roll of acetate like film, and double sided tape.

I'm considering welding together a window frame and hinging it. Haven't figured out sealing the hinge from the sand yet.

I use a fine 120 grit garnet for blasting firearms for cerakoting. Image below is for reference to finish. Note that the shotgun receiver was really rusted and pitted... thats the dark spots in the surface.

I can't see why blasting media wouldn't remove forge scale... but my thoughts would be that the bigger the grit- the shinier it should be... rougher surface. Not polished shiny, but metal grain open shiny...??




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