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Oooh, that looks like it smarts! You did better than one of the Gil cousins, Matt I think, in jr. high school wood shop. He was cutting a dado in some lumber and couldn't get it to move at all. The guard was in the way so after banging on it a while he lifted it and fed in the board. He was of course standing on the wrong side of the table saw and when the board touched the blade it drug him through the saw after shooting the board into the wall in the book work area. 

I helped do 1st. aid while help was summoned. The school nurse almost fainted and was little use other than the better  1st. aid supplies she brought. Dad was a metal spinner and taught Red Cross 1st. aid. I was used to seeing blood, open wounds and could control bleeding in any of several ways. The instructor and I had him bandaged with the help of several other guys to hold him down.

That cousin had gotten himself 86ed from every shop class he attended. I don't know why the school allowed him to take shop classes, he was a class clown and made a point of ignoring class work and safety. He blew up the battery in his car by charging it on the highest setting and when he noticed it was getting hot pulled the clamps off the terminals. Blasted himself in the face with hot battery acid and got thrown in the shop sink and hosed with water until an ambulance got there. 

He got himself 86ed from metal shop by breaking an aluminum casting out of the sand before it'd cooled and cooled with water it in the sink which oxidized it. It was dark gray, grainy and screwed up so he walked back to the melter, lifted the lid and dropped in a 20lb. crucible of molten aluminum. WHUMP! and it was raining molten aluminum all over the hot work area. It didn't go farther because the hot work area was completely under a sheet steel hood. 

I'm not saying I haven't done myself too many serous mischiefs, I have my scars. Better, I've become a much better judge of a person's ability to work safely and am so much less bashful about 86ing dangerous folk from my shop. Some things you don't get a second chance, even, maybe especially if you got away with it once. 

Frosty The Lucky. 

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Welp, that looks pretty nasty. Glad nothing worse happened. Are your fingers healing alright?

As long as it stays with superficial scars its all not that bad, all you can do is invent new words loudly and learn from your error.

A few of worst thing I did during my first few years as a newbie was removing a very big pile of ribbon chip (no idea if that is even the right word) from the lathe, felt is cut right trough my thick leather glove and into my thumb, never hurt one bit...

Turning a piece of metal over in a clamp while chatting was also not the smartest thing, the piece I had just welded on got all snuggly with the skin of my forearm, felt it for maybe half a second, then I picked up the smell of bbq.

The only one that really really hurt was when I was using a 2kg heavy piece of copper to remove a pin. Went pretty good until the pin got loose and the copper piece slid of the bracket that was holding it, the knuckles of my fingers did not miss said bracket, scraped the skin of all of them and it was the first time my collogue saw me having pain. (normally I don't even blink when I hurt myself, got so numbed down from ignoring burns while welding.)  

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On 11/28/2020 at 1:31 AM, Frazer said:

if you ever turned to a life of crime, they'll probably have trouble getting a good print... 

Lol... I couldn't get away with it if I tried. Digitally fingerprinted for my CHL, digitally fingerprinted and bonded and licensed in Texas as a locksmith, US Army has my fingerprints, facial recognition, retinal scans, dental records, boot size, tattoo records and DNA.

Deimos- yep, healed up fairly well. That was almost 2 years ago now- but I have a smooth patch about 1/4" in the middle of my index finger, and faint lines thru the other two. Surprisingly, the middle finger seems to have relocated a nerve ending closer to the surface- and the tip of my finger is super sensitive to touch now. Anything more than a slight pressure on it is pretty painful. On the upside- I can detect much finer surface details on metal than before with it! Lol...

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So what you are telling us is that you got superpowers from an accident? Sounds like a Marvel/DC origin story

The fingerprint story is a funny one, over here we have to record our fingerprints when we get our passport, every time I had to then show my passport and do the fingerprint thingy it gave all kinds of errors because my fingers where always more scarred and burnt.

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Really? Now I have to clean the coca cola I was drinking off my cell phone... thank you.:P

I'm a big marvel movie fan, and it never even entered my mind...

Ok, so burned fingerprints aren't a marvel thing? Lol... I was thinking more kung fu or James bond, or men in black.:D

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The same problem occurs with many magicians that specialize in card magic (i.e."Carditions"). Many of those fellows practice five hours a day.

This can result in fingers that time has worn away all their fingerprints.

I recall a note published in a magic magazine (Genie) where a magician that donated his time to performing for military families. He had a heck of a time getting past the military security personnel at the entrance of the base.


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When the law that required school workers be fingerprinted and sent off to the FBI was passed. I had several sweet ladies who worked in the cafeteria that had no fingerprint ridges or valleys on any of their fingers. I had to write a notarized letter to submit with the fingerprint cards stating my knowledge of them and why due to the abrasive cleaners used they did not have prints, so they could keep their jobs.

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