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What does this say?


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I get "The Columbian Vise & Mfg. Co. Cleveland, O". As Irondragon says, it's a good brand but whether it is worth the trip will depend on what shape it is in, how complete it is, and what size it is (depending on your needs).  The most important thing is the condition of the screw and screw box.  If you go, back the screw all the way out and inspect the condition of the threads before bidding on it.  I have seen vises that looked pretty good on the outside but had worn out threads on the screw. 

Also don't get caught up in the bidding just because you have traveled some distance to the auction.  That is easy to do, I've done it.  Set your maximum price in your head and walk away if it goes above that.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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