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Hay budden value old rough.

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I doubt that, seeing as Hay Budden's are not that rare and as a user, it would cost more to repair it right than a new anvil would cost. Even if it were in good shape it is impossible to give a value, not knowing where in the world you are located.  READ THIS FIRST

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What BigGun and IronDragon said. 

The top hardened plate is gone. The name brand is not rare here in the USA. It has uses but not much as a functional anvil. 

Also collectors more want anvils in good condition. Antique collectors want good functional condition. In this case it's not that rare or old to have much value other than someone wanting an anvil shaped object for decoration, or someone wanting a usable hardy hole to use for tools and a horn. 

No disrespect intended. 

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Sell it as an "objet d decor" to be painted black and set by a fireplace to crack nuts on.  Or used in a garden.  Now if you are in one of the other 100+ countries that participate in these forums on the world wide web; you might find someone who would want it for a low grade user; so are you in a third world country and if so which one?

We're scratching our heads about the "collector" comment as it's like saying "I have a 20 year old ford sedan that has been totaled and I think I can sell it to a car collector!"

The other way would be to sell it at an inflated price to someone who doesn't know anything about anvils.  I sure hope you are a better person than to go that route.

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