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can, no opener, & a rock

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IFI folks and lurkers.,

The SLAG has come across a hack that is a brilliancy.

Have a can of food but no opener, and you are hungry!!

And maybe you are experiencing armageddon? 

Fear not.

"KGB survivalist" has disclosed, a vey clever method to open a can of food and feed yourself and your cat. (dog?)





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Ah! That sound you're hearing is my palm impacting my forehead. I haven't carried a SAK since I gave one away in jr. high school for not holding an edge and being a too large lump in my pocket. An Old Timer Cattlemans has been my EDC since losing my Buck folder in Boy Scouts. 

I carry a P38 in the bush they'll work as a spark striker too.


Frosty The Lucky.

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P38 on my keychain at all times. I don't have the data to load the video but you can open a can just by vigorously rubbing the lid across a rough surface. Is that what is in the video? My curiosity is killing me. 


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You’ll need a rough but flat surface like concrete or a sidewalk. Turn the can upside down and rub it across the surface quickly. Then turn it around and press the can from both sides. If you did it correctly, the lid will pop right off.

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