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Oh man,  I am one happy camper.... I know that many of you are proponents of the TPAAAT method,  but I have discovered a better method that I call the MaOBHG method.   Marry an Online Bargain Hunting Goddess method.   She is truly amazing.   Ok,  down to the details...

100# Fisher,  pretty good shape.  My bride found it less than 20 miles away on Facebook swap shop.   She has been searching auctions/ Craigslist/ Facebook for months with a multi hundred mile radius.... she refuses to tell me how much,  but less than $4 per pound. 

The top is speckled,  but no major dents.  There is some corner damage, but not too bad.  The bick is pretty scarred, as is the upsetting shelf.   I tried to use a wire brush to clean off the date,  but I'm afraid of damaging it.  It's weird,  like someone added material over it.   The eagle is also pretty corroded,  didn't want to damage it. 

Pretty sure njanvilman will chime in with what he can determine (I hope! ), and looking for advice for how to clean it up.


Definitely an upgrade from my previous anvil....


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I'd hazard the guess that if the third from the left number is a zero then the first two would be 19 giving 190? which is close enough for blacksmithing!

ISTR one where they chiseled the last digit off and stamped a different one in as the date was used for the warranty and so was to reflect the year of original purchase. NJAnvilMan can set me straight if I've had a cranial eructation.

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I read the last number on the right as a 5 but in a larger font.  I see the reversed C in the lower part and a vertical line on the left above the reversed C.  That would give a 1905 date.

You chose well for a wife, Grasshopper.  Now, you have to make something very cool for her.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Congratulations! I know how you feel. When I finally upgraded from my improvised anvil to my London pattern I was positively giddy. I can't say that feeling goes away either, I still give her a little pat on the horn at the end of a good day's work. A four month search and a 10 hour drive finally paid off. A nice feeling. 

No need to go crazy with the cleaning unless you want to, as long a it's just a wire wheel on the face/edges you're not likely to do any damage. Regardless a frequent dose of hot steel will keep the face nice and clean for you. She's a beaut'. And it sounds like your wife's a keeper!:D

How's the rebound?

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Just found this post, two weeks late.  Yes, it looks like 1905 birth date.  BTW, the dating was done for their one year warranty on the anvil.

No cleanup aside from wire brushing the rust.  Then apply any light oil to keep it from oxidizing again.  Hammer away.  Do not grind the face.  Just use it!  A nice smooth area will soon appear.

If you want to learn the history of Fisher & Norris, please consider my book on the history of the company plus lots more.  Only available at shop.fishernorris.com.  Thanks.


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