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Admiral Steel 1075/1080

Levi Prince

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Hi, I'm about to make an order from admiral (I've heard mixed things) and I noticed on the quote it said 1075 when I asked for 1080. On the online store, it says 1075/1080. Is it just supposed to be a mystery draw which steel you get? I honestly don't mind if its 1075 as long as it still etches dark like 1080 or 1084. That has to do with the manganese content right? Since I've heard bad things about their spec sheets, I was wondering if anyone with personal experience could let me know how it etches.


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One thing to remember is that most specs are a RANGE of values  often overlapping with another close spec.  It sounds like they use whatever they have in stock that falls into the spec ranges.  Did you ask for the range on Manganese content?  I know one steel dealer that had a low Manganese 1084 made to make it more suitable for shallow hardening techniques.

It is possible to get tighter specs on steel; but you have to expect that the prices will get to scary heights as you go towards the vacuum melted aerospace grades.

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8 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

One thing to remember is that most specs are a RANGE of values

The specs say carbon content is 0.7/0.83 and the manganese is 0.3/0.8.               However, I'm just asking because that is a huge range and I know a lot of people have had discrepansies between the specs and their actual order. I just though it would be better to find out from someone who's ordered from there. I know most people order from aldo but there is a huge difference in shipping getting steel from him versus admiral in canada so if I can get useable stuff from admiral I will take it. Blade quality isn't as important to me because this batch will probably just be used for jewelry. I emailed them but they basically said "it depends". Not looking forward to dealing with THAT customer service. 

C=.70/.83 Mn=.30/.80


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